Stone Boat 1

  • Stone Boat 1
  • Stone Boat 1
  • Stone Boat 1

This series of 4 were born out of my mental meanderings of travel and trade in ancient Ireland, and the vessels the first and consequent waves of settlers travelled in. It is thought that the vessels in which these first settlers came here in the Neolithic, were reasonably close to the style of currach now synonymous with a small area in the North West of Donegal, known as the Dunfanaghy currach.
The heron is a bird which holds a special place in my heart, always appearing in expected and unexpected places. Like here.

I make these pieces using ink which I craft from normal hedgerow plants and some copper and iron concoctions.

Stone Boat 1 was made using hazel bark, copper and fire soot.

It is presented in a mount, measuring 24cm x 29cm, which fits into a 10x12” frame.